Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting There

The kids are almost all packed, the gifts are wrapped and the items on my to-do list are slowly being crossed off.

I'm planning to hit the gym as soon as they open in the morning (which, until last weekend, was 6 am, but is now 7...grrrr) and then come back and pack the rest of our stuff up. I'm a bit of an expert packer when it comes to J's and my stuff, so I'm not worried about that. I have to wait for the kids to wake up to pack the rest of their stuff since they're sleeping with it all right now. I just need to do up a bag of food, mostly for the kids but also with some goodies for J and me.

I'm a little bummed because KL's husband took S to New Jersey to visit his parents, so the Muffins won't get to play with her. S turned 3 in mid-July, so she'll have our birthday gifts to come home to, at least. I'm thinking I may plan a daytrip sometime in September while KL is still on maternity leave, so that Liam and Ella can play with S and I can get another visit in with KL (tomorrow's won't be nearly long enough).

Oh! I got a total steal on my dress and shoes! I hit the clearance rack at JC Penney the other day in a last ditch effort to find something and walked out of there with a super cute dress for just under $13! Same thing happened yesterday when I tried to find a pair of flats. I loathe my feet, but managed to have some luck at a local shoe store and found a basic pair of cute black shoes also under $13.

It looks as though the weather's going to hold. I think it'll be a beautiful weekend.

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