Saturday, December 15, 2007

Running On Empty

I bought groceries last night in anticipation of tomorrow's storm. Aside from a trip to the local candy store next weekend, I picked up the last few gifts today (now I just need to wrap all and ship some - UPS store here I come!). I tidied up the house before heading off to church and holy hell there were a ton and half of people there! Apparently, everyone wanted to get their Jesus on tonight in case they couldn't get out of the house tomorrow morning.

My sister, N, dropped off her kids and they visited and entertained the Muffins while I decorated the tree. N and her husband are on a mission to find a Wii and she's crazy enough to be going out early tomorrow to try and score one. She tried to sweet talk the people at Toys 'R Us to let them have one tonight given the forecast for tomorrow, but that was a no go.

I'm exhausted. But doesn't the tree look nice?

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Hekateris said...

Oo, I likee the tree. We don't have a single decoration up this year, although my mom might go crazy at the last minute...