Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Finally Able To Connect For More Than 10 Minutes

I've been having issues with the computer lately and it's driving me insane. J thinks it's Comcast's DNS servers that are the problem, but all I know is that it usually results in my not being able to access the sites I need/want when I'm able to have some quality computer time. For the moment, everything seems to be working...

Snapshots of my day:

~ #2 can move the end table. She likes to sit on it, looking out the window, while she lines up the shapes from the shape sorter toy on the windowsill. Her brother likes to come over and knock the shapes down. Being an independent sort of chicky, she decided to take matters into her own hands - literally - and push the end table (which looks very much like a small, tallish trunk) out of the way so she could pick all of her shapes up.

The living room is slowly losing major pieces of furniture. We're down to the couches, one lamp the armoire for the television, and a bookcase which already houses more toys than anything else (and that's only because the Muffins can't reach the top bookshelf, yet).

~ J worked from home yesterday because of the weather. At one point, in a rare moment of children playing nicely together and #1 forgetting that I was out of the room (he's going through some serious Mumma-separation anxiety lately), J and I were both on our respective computers when we hear #2 start saying "I yuv you" over and over again, each time pronouncing it a little more clearly. You can't begin to imagine how sweet it was. She told Daddy that she loved him last night, but the most frequent recipient of #2's love? Little Dog. Today, she told the dog she loved him more than once. And he doesn't even really care about the kids. I, on the other hand, get a major bonk to the head while we were playing peek-a-boo.

Hey, anyone else watching Tin Man?

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