Friday, April 3, 2009

Chihuahuas Get A Lot Of Grief

It's no secret that no one really likes Little Dog, whose name is Jack. We didn't realize that chis needed to be socialized and, although he was a sweet, sweet pup until he was ~ 6 months old, he can be very aggressive to others. Generally, we crate him when we know company is coming. If people stop by unannounced, it can get a little chaotic until we can put him away.

We get teased a lot for having a chihuahua. He's a sweet boy to us, though, and to Cait, even though she doesn't live here any longer. He warmed up to the kids and only gets pissy with them if they get too close while he's eating. Plus, he's a hell of a guard dog.


Liam has met some big dogs lately and we've asked them if the big dogs are "real" dogs, he responds with an awed "yeah." It's quite cute.

Liam is very big into stating the obvious and also telling anyone who will listen what something is not ("Mumma, you are not Daddy."). Yesterday, he was sitting on my lap as we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (almost the bane of my existence, but he loves it) and he told me, "Mumma, Pluto is nice. Pluto is not Jack."

Take that how you will.

On a somewhat related note, I had a dream early this morning that Jack and Mom were getting along. In the dream, he was actually sitting on her lap and she was petting him. I think it may be the most unrealistic dream I've ever had.

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