Monday, May 12, 2008

Toddler Wrestling and Making Mom Happy

The Muffins had their 2-year check-up today and it's a grand thing that no shots were involved. While the 18-month visit went better than expected, #2 was none too pleased to see the doctor's office again and struggled so much that she couldn't be weighed or measured. Apparently, we grow the strongest of everything. The vet told us that Little Dog was the strongest chihuahua that she'd ever treated (this from a vet who worked in Mexico for several years and knows chihuahuas) and #1 and #2 are apparently the strongest babes that grace the halls of the pediatrician's office. The nurse was fine with their behavior at first, but rapidly lost patience and just gave up on measuring either kidlet. We did get a weight on #1, at least, and the doctor eventually got pretty good approximations of the kids' heights. The visit was a workout thought for both J and me, but the kids look great and all's well. #2 even calmed down enough and thanked the doctor when he resealed her diaper after checking her.

Mother's Day was pretty quiet. I wanted a nice, low-key day with J and the kids, but had come up with the idea of hitting our favorite summer eatery, thinking that it wouldn't be too busy (everyone treats their mother to nice, sit-down restaurants on Mother's Day, don't they?). Guess again. The place was packed so we just turned around and ordered take-out Chinese (which was, by the way, the original plan). I ended the day by hitting the gym last night and kicked the stairmaster's ass, which felt great.

C and I took Mom out today for a belated Mother's Day and I gave her the Mother's ring that C designed. It's so lovely and Mom is in love with it. I've been wanting to do a Mother's ring for her for years, but couldn't come up with a good design for 3 diamonds, 3 aquamarines, 2 amethysts, 1 emerald and 1 citrine (that would be me!). It was difficult to balance the lighter stones with the bright purples, green and ugly yellow (I've never been a fan of my birthstone). C came up with a great design, though, and the ring is just beautiful. Best of all, though, we included Mom's birthstone - ruby - in the center of the design and had the 10 smaller stones surround the Mom stone. I'm so pleased with the final result and Mom is boasting about the ring to any and all who'll listen. I'll try and capture a good picture of the ring to post, but am not sure how it'll photograph.

And that's the news from my world of mothering.

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