Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is It Tuesday Yet?

Man oh man, I cannot wait for January 9th.

I love New Hampshire and feel a certain sense of pride at living in the home of the First in the Nation Primary, but this campaign has been overkill for quite a while. I'm eager to see what the final turnout is given how many people caucused in Iowa on Thursday and I'm very eager to see the final numbers (and hope my man comes out on top, of course), but I'm more eager to be left alone starting Wednesday.

Surprisingly, the phone hasn't rung much (well, it's not that surprising given that we're unlisted); the doorbell only rang once (and that wasn't until nearly 2 pm), and J told the young Hillary supporter at the door that we're both voting for the O (he only made up his mind in the last couple of days). I'm hoping tomorrow is even quieter.

The back-to-back debates on ABC have just finished and, though I've been a firm Obama supporter for a long while, it's been interesting to watch (those 'pubs got snarky!). I appreciated Charlie Gibson's moderating and enjoyed the format of the debates.

On Wednesday, though, it will once again be quiet here. We'll be left alone for another 3 years, until potential contenders begin taking the political temperature of the granite state.

Dear God, let time go slowly...starting Wednesday.

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