Monday, January 28, 2008

A Healthy Obsession

After three full weeks at the gym, I'm absolutely in love. I try to go as often as I'm able, with Mom coming down three days a week to watch the Muffins and my taking advantage of any other moments that someone may be available to watch the kids for an hour and a half or so so that I can run down and get in a good workout (hi, C!). Last week, I was able to get in there 6 days straight!

I'm alternating my workouts, doing weights and cardio one day and just cardio the next. I've transitioned from wanting to work out solely in the private women's gym to getting all sweaty and funky out with everyone else, even holding my own in the "dude area." When I'm on the treadmill, I hook into the TV, hide the timer, and catch up on the constant political coverage (oh God, Ted Kennedy's speech endorsing Obama was amazing today - I spent almost my entire hour on the treadmill grinning like a fool!). I've gone from being able to only hold out for 10 minutes on the elliptical machine to banging out an hour. I'm down 9 pounds and can visibly see and feel the changes to my body. My clothes fit more loosely, I have more energy and I'm sleeping well, too.

I'm not denying myself much in terms of food, as the objective wasn't to throw myself into a whole lifestyle change of diet and exercise. Nor was it to lose a specific amount of weight or to get down to a certain size. But, I'm finding that I'm giving more thought and being more careful and aware of what I eat because I don't want my time in the gym to be for nothing. I'm trying new recipes and finding lower fat versions of favorite treats. One recent discovery has been brownies (although I think it comes out a little more like a brownie/cake combo) made with unsweetened applesauce, reduced fat sour cream, dark brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate. I've already made two batches and J loves them, too.

I'm a very happy chick.

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