Sunday, May 16, 2010


What a GORGEOUS day for a wedding! It was sunny and bright, not a cloud in the sky. The temperature was perfect and there was even a great (strong at times) breeze.

Cait and Jeeps were married Sunday and it was perfect. Of course, I cried walking down the aisle, and when they exchanged vows. My shoes could have been used as an implement of torture (true story: I ended up taking them off half way through the Mass because I was going to fall over in pain if I didn't), but my solo went off quite well and the reception was a VERY good time (I cried a LOT during my toast, but my waterproof mascara stayed in place!). Alas, I couldn't find my camera (because Cait had to take it away from Ella while we were getting ready and I had no clue where she put it) so I'm relying on others' photos but trust me when I say it was just beautiful.

All of her hard work paid off and I hope they enjoy their little get away to Maine.

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