Saturday, May 1, 2010


  • I have no idea what, if anything, the title of this post means, but the Chinese spammers are really beginning to bug me!
  • I picked up my shoes for the wedding tonight. They had to be dyed and, even though the color in the book matched my shrug EXACTLY, they came out a little more on the rose side than the cranberry side. They'll have to do, I suppose.
  • We did nearly three (3!) hours of yard work today, all of it in the back yard. Our neighbor told us that we apparently had an over 8-foot tall female moose in our back yard this morning! That's just crazy.
  • It feels good to have been outside and so productive. There's more to be done, but the yard's looking good.
  • I've been in a bit of a funk lately and I can't seem to shake it. I don't really know where it's coming from, either, and that bothers me. Ah, well.
  • T-minus 2 weeks until the wedding! I hope it's a beautiful day, but I'm fairly certain that I'm the not only one who will be relieved when it's over.
  • I think that I may have hit upon THE motivational tool for finally getting the boy child to fully potty train: tootsie rolls! He tried one the other day and LOVED it. Chocolate chips didn't work, m n ms didn't work, but I think (fingers crossed!) that tootsie rolls may do the trick. There's no real reason for him not to be trained. He admits it's pretty much sheer laziness and that the pull-ups are just "easier" than using the bathroom, but he REALLY loves those tootsie rolls and I'm hoping I've hit on potty training gold.
  • I'm trying to convince J that we need a new bed. I can't get comfortable in bed anymore and I wake up every morning with lower back pain. Our bed's 11 years old and in decent shape, but it's just not possible for me to get a good night's sleep anymore. J could sleep well on a bed of nails, and I admit that I can be a bit Princess and the Pea about my sleeping accommodations (must have fan for while noise and really, really can't tolerate the slightest bit of light creeping in), but something needs to be done and, hopefully, soon.
  • I'm having my hair cut Tuesday night and I can't wait. It's still short, but my bangs are rapidly getting out of control and, although the cut has held its shape well (my last cut was at the end of January and I went pretty short because my stylist was going out on maternity leave), I definitely need to clean it up.
  • I'm feeling the need to be creative. I think I may try to go back to the quilt studio. I used to go on a regular basis before the kids were born, but I've only managed to make it in there once in the last 4 years. I'm hoping to work something out with Mom where she'll watch the kids on a Thursday so I can go during the day. The studio is quite popular and it can be difficult to get a machine if you go in the evenings. I really miss quilting and am hoping that, if I make time for it regularly outside of home, then I'll be able to find a place for it at home, too. I have the physical space, but I need to find the time and emotional room for it at home. There's so much I want to do! I just need 20 of me to do it all...


Anonymous said...

It's great!!............................................................

Korey said...

i enjoy the haircut! i got mine done a bit ago as well.
read my fb note abt bed. i really think they last around 10 years anyway so you got an extra year out of it....although korey's parents would say they have had beds that last 30 years...that explains why i dont sleep there, why they have bedbugs and hmm what else???

Korey said...

oh haha!! that was from lorraine not korey. obviously!

Snowbrush said...

You mean all that stuff I keep getting in an alphabet that I can't even read is SPAM!