Friday, October 31, 2008


I've never been a big fan of Halloween. Fall, yes, but I've just never gotten into the Holiday itself.

Each year since the Muffins were born, someone always inquires as to whether or not we were taking them trick or treating for Halloween. Now, I understand that if you have older children it becomes more than likely that a baby gets to go along for the ride...but when you don't? Why rush it? Yes, there are super cute baby and toddler Halloween costumes, but what's a 1 or 2 year-old going to do with all that candy (I know! It's really for the parents!). I was conflicted about this year, though, and wasn't sure if maybe this should be the kids' "first" Halloween.

I decided against it. Mostly because they're still small and we don't need anymore candy around the house than we already have (and holy hell we have a lot of leftover candy - I think I just need to move into the gym for the next few months).

I think 3 1/2 is a fine age to start the yearly hell that is choosing a costume and trolling the neighborhood - a very popular neighborhood, mind you - for candy while dodging obnoxious teenagers who think they're all that and then some. That said, we did take the kidlets out tonight to walk around with my sister, N, and her family while my niece and nephew went trick or treating. They had a blast! Actually, I think "blast" might be a bit of an understatement. Liam pretty much ran the entire way, exhausting both my sister and her husband and, actually, my nephew (who's only 10 and should have endless energy for this sort of stuff, right?). Ella was so excited whenever we came upon a house with a pumpkin. And...guess how many houses had pumpkins?! A TON. She announced each and every pumpkin and was also narrating the Obama signs that she happened to notice along the way. She did get frightened by a couple of the more elaborate displays put on by some people in the neighborhood, but both of the kids had so much fun that I'm actually, a little bit, in just the teensiest way, potentially looking forward to next year.

And...I think I already know what I want to kids to be. But you'll just have to wait a year to see what's cooking in my little brain.

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