Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ella's A Chatterbug

Recently heard around our house...

  • "Daddy brought me my water in my bed last night, Nana. Oh it was so sweet!"
  • Upon waking up after her brother, and discovering that he was not in their bedroom: "Mama, where Liam? (After seeing him at the top of the stairs waiting for her.) Oh there he is! I so happy now!"
  • "I big!" Now, if you ask her if she's a big girl? "No, I Ella!"
  • "I need to watch football with Nana." (Which has happened only once and just cracks us up since we're not really sports fans.)
  • "Oh! Sign! Barack Obama!" (After seeing the new Obama/Biden sign in our lawn.)
  • "I need to go to restaurant. I need to color." (A typical request. She knows that she and Liam are given crayons when we go out to eat, so now every car ride incorporates some element of her requesting to go out to eat in order to color somewhere other than in the house. No, we don't give in all that often.)
  • "Mmmm! Delicious!" (After trying some of J's tapioca with whipped cream and also after trying some peach salsa which is rather spicy. I was shocked that she liked the salsa.)
She keeps us on our toes with all of her chattering.

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