Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before I Forget!

Last night, Ella informed me that she was my best friend.

The other night, while J was getting Ella ready for bed, she flopped around trying to be funny while he was putting her shirt on. She hit her head on the wall. Cait, J and I all asked her if she was alright. She shook it off, rubbed her head and then declared, "I not alright! I hit my head!"

Liam's latest obsession is all of the "airmanes" at the local airport. Our day just isn't complete without taking at least one spin by the airport to see all of the 'manes. We've managed to have some good timing lately, too, catching a few take-offs and landings. The helicopter at the local National Guard unit (conveniently located right next to the airport) is also a big hit.

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