Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

  • We've signed with the contractor and he'll begin work next month. I cannot adequately describe how uberexcited I am about getting this work done on the house. J and I have been going back and forth and sideways trying to settle on a color (I never knew how overwhelming it might be!) and thought we had finally decided...I was all mentally prepared to tell the contractor what we'd decided when we signed the contract, but he said he didn't need to know yet. We can let him know next month! Do you have any idea how many more options I can play with between now and then!?
  • I met with the personal trainer again last week and I'm down 12 pounds since I started the routine she gave me in May. At our meeting, she added on to the original routine and will give me an entirely new one next month. TWELVE POUNDS! I've lost a couple more since last week so I'm down 30+ since I started going to the gym. It feels great. Next month, I'll have new measurements and strength testing redone, too. I've never been so damn excited to be weighed and measured in my entire life!
  • I watched a repeat of last night's Colbert Report while I was on the treadmill at the gym today and nearly fell off more than once I was laughing so hard. I don't get to catch him as often as I used to, but damn do I love that show.
  • J and I are heading to Tilton on Friday night for my 15th reunion. I'm actually looking forward to it more than I was a couple of months ago. Technically, it's a whole weekend gig, but we're only attending the Friday evening events. Saturday morning, I have plans to meet up with some ladies from my class for a late breakfast and then J and I will be heading to Vermont for Derek and Roxx's wedding. We're only making the ceremony, though, and didn't opt for the reception. I figure we'll get dinner somewhere (Keene, maybe?) on our way home.
  • Speaking of being sociable this weekend, I'm on a quest to buy shoes for the wedding and something nice for Friday night. I struck out at the places I popped into tonight (I was already cursed with wide feet and they only got wider once I had the kids). I think I'm going to have to hit the mall, which I was hoping to avoid. Suck. Plus, what's up with the patterns/colors this season? Or is just fat-chick clothing that is hideous? Do they assume that we want to wear the most god-awful outfit to call even more attention to ourselves? Ugh.
  • There was more, but I've lost it. More later then, eh?

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