Monday, August 10, 2009

Bedtime Questions

While tucking the kids in tonight, I asked them each about their day and then, thinking I knew the answer, asked them who their favorite person in the entire world is.

(I thought for sure it would be Nana...the person whose house they ask to visit every. single. day. Whose house we were just at today, after much cajoling and pressuring of the Mumma.)

The answers?

Liam: "Daddy." (OK, that's awesome. He then thought for a moment and told me "Nana's not a person and she doesn't have pink hair. Alrighty then. Glad that's cleared up.)

Ella: "Smitty." (I actually can almost understand this, since we think Smitty is very similar to Daddy. Made me laugh, though.)

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Lorraine said...

from imag movers--funny