Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kid Stuff

I can generally be found in a pair of black pants (full-length or capri) and a v-neck shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. As the mother of two active young children, I dress for comfort, not style (though I don't think I look particularly bad in my everyday wear).

I guess, though, that I never really thought about how uniform my look is until I walked into the kids' room yesterday, wearing a khaki pair of capris and a pink short-sleeved shirt. The kids were playing on Liam's bed and when they noticed me, he leaped up and immediately asked me, "Mumma why are you wearing that?!" I was a little surprised and asked him what he meant. He said, "you don't wear that! You wear black! What's wrong with your shirt?! I can see your arms!"

Think I need to change up my wardrobe?


I decided to try and tackle some of the basement organization yesterday, even though it would mean constantly wrangling the kids out of the unfinished side. I managed to accomplish quite a bit (I'm almost ready to post before and after pics, I promise!) and set up a cute kids' corner and my crafting area. Even though the TV was directly hooked into the wall, I was eager to get DVR installed downstairs. I went online to set up an appointment for the installation and the final step is that you have to chat with a comcast analyst before finalizing your purchase. Little did I know that because we already have DVR, I didn't need a technician to come out to the house to add another box. The woman told me that I could just pick up a unit at the nearest office and install it myself.


So...I take the kids to the office, pick up the DVR and eagerly head home to hook it up. I happily set it up, found the code to synch the remote with the TV, and called into the autmoated line to activate the DVR. As I'm waiting for the call to finish, Ella pops over my left shoulder and asks me, "are you being a man?"

Interesting, eh?

I said no and then she asked me if I was being a "girl-man." I laughed and said no, I was just being me and that I was hooking up the DVR. It's a fascinating peak into a developing mind, isn't it? We've never generalized about gender differences, but she clearly extrapolated that all of the people we've had come to the house to do work have happened to be men and I was doing a "man thing" so I must have been a man in that moment.

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